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We are expecting all sizes of doodles to be born between late 2021 and early 2022. 

We are accepting deposits ($300) to hold early choices from future litters. 

The order that deposits come in is the order families will be choosing from their respective litter. Choices are made when pups are about 5-6 weeks of age.

Please scroll down to see current and expectant litters. Availability is listed under each litter, when applicable.

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Please read regarding visits during COVID-19 pandemic:

While we still are scheduling in-person puppy visits, we have made some changes to our policies to help protect everyone's health during these times. Also, at this time, we are unable to accommodate visits prior to pups being 5 weeks of age.

1) All puppy visits will be outdoors.

2) We will schedule visits by appointment only to ensure only one family unit is visiting at a given time.

3) We ask that anyone who has cold symptoms or ANY degree of  fever or anyone with a covid exposure within the last 14 days not visit.

4) We ask visiting families keep the number of persons coming to a minimum, and for safety reasons, we strongly discourage bringing young children to visit at this time.

5) We respectfully ask that you only schedule a visit if you are actively looking for a puppy to join your family now (and would be prepared to take the puppy home same day, assuming you find a good match). This will help reduce the total number of interactions for all involved.  Please delay your visit if you are in the "gathering information" stage of looking for a puppy that  you plan to adopt at a future date.

THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING and  helping keep us all safe.

2021-22 Litters - accepting deposits now

. Then should have a variety of sizes of goldendoodles (standard, mini, petite mini), as well as medium double doodles born in the first 3-4 months of 2022. Estimated dates and parent photos listed below when breedings or pregnancies have been confirmed.

Litters listed in order of birth. Please continue to scroll down to see upcoming pups.

Born November 21, 2021 is a male mini goldendoodle.. Pics of him and parents below. He should mature  in the 23-28 pound range. He is $2200 and is already reserved.  We will have other mini goldendoodles Spring, 2021 .

Mini goldendoodle mom 

Mini goldendoodle dad 

Mini male goldendoodle at  10 days of age- RESERVED

Expecting standard multigenerational goldendoodle to be born early to mid December, 2021 ( PREGNANCY CONFIRMED). Ready for new homes mid to late January 2022. They will be shades of gold. Expected maturity weight between 55-65 pounds. Priced at $1500 each, we are accepting deposits to hold early choices from this litter. We get a lot of families interested in Christmas puppies. While these pups will not be ready for new homes by Christmas, if you are looking to "gift" a puppy for Christmas, we can provide a photo of your puppy for Christmas Day and your loved ones can enjoy the anticipation a few weeks longer.

Parent photos below.

Parents of upcoming standard multigenerational goldendoodles. Both parents are goldendoodles.

Next litters expected to be born winter 2021 and spring 2022

to include all sizes. Please see updated pricing below. Deposits now being accepted for late 2021  and early 2022 litters.‚Äč


We also have retired older adults available for adoption from time to time. Most adoptable

adult doodles are now in the 10-11 year or older range.

Deposits to hold a reservation spot for an upcoming litter is $300 and applies to the

price of the puppy.

So what is a Double Doodle?

Double doodles are an ideal doodle mix for many people. One parent is typically a

labradoodle and the other a goldendoodle. This provides the pups with the desired

low -shed shaggy or fleecy/curly coat that is low shedding, the excellent temperaments

found in both labradoodles and goldendoodles, AND many people believe

this cross also provides an added health benefit. Having 3 breeds in the mix, this may

further reduce the chances of any breed specific health condition.


Deposits of $300 hold an early choice from a litter and applies toward total cost.

Typical prices starting w/ summer/fall 2021 litters, based on estimated size are as follows:

Standard doodles (55-75 pounds) $1500 {except $1800 for chocolate labradoodles}

Medium doodles (40-48 pounds) $2000

Mini doodles (24-35 pounds, depending on parent size) $2200

Petite/small mini doodles (17-23 pounds) $2500

Prices may vary from above, depending on circumstances/timing of litters (Holiday pups may be higher)_